Kier’s Story…

In December 2018 our family faced the worst possible tragedy we could imagine. Our beautiful, kind hearted, loving 16-year-old daughter Kiersten was killed in a car accident on her way to pick up her younger sister from swim practice at school. Our hearts break every day at the loss of our daughter. In an instant, our lives changed. Kiersten had anxiety and found refuge in the arts. Singing, both in show choir and in treble chorus, drawing, and painting were her passions. She had aspirations to study graphic arts in college. She excelled academically as well, being a straight A student at both Herron High School and Mooresville High School.

In the following months we would have no idea how our lives would change. In her passing, her friends and teachers told many stories of how she inspired them or her peers to pursue their dreams, talk through their anxieties, or follow through on their goals. One friend, in particular, described Kiersten as “the glue”. She was the glue that made sure everyone had a voice, that no one was left out, that no one was marginalized. This glue sticks after her passing and we want to ensure that continues.

We have established this 501(c)(3) non profit to honor Kiersten’s memory and to celebrate the accomplishments of future graduates of both Herron High School and Mooresville High School. We are establishing educational funds for graduates of both high schools starting with the graduating class of 2020 (Kiersten’s graduating class). Because of Kiersten’s passion and the need overwhelming need to fund artists and the arts, we have focused this fund on students aspiring to continue their education in the arts. Future plans include expanding this fund to other schools, as well as providing funds for the music and arts education for our youth in underserved communities.