KWMF Board

Jill Woodward, President
Bringing this organization to life has been instrumental in keeping our daughter’s memory and passion alive. Kiersten loved the arts; whether it be in song, learning a new instrument, painting, drawing, and more. She found refuge in those passions and created a space in order to find herself. It is my hope that with Kiersten Woodward Memorial Fund that we can create a space for others to celebrate themselves, express their passions, and thrive as young adults. If it wasn’t for the community, our board, and our amazing volunteers, we could not succeed. I thank each and every one of you for your interest and help in supporting our mission.

Andy Woodward, President
When Kiersten was 18 months old, Jill, Kiersten, and myself attended my sister’s wedding. At the reception, Kiersten was running around talking to everyone. She would talk to my aunts, uncles, my mom and dad, and my grandfather. She was not shy. Little did I know, that little girl, who showed no fear in talking to strangers, would grow up into a loving and caring young women with a great talent for music. She could pick-up an acoustic, a 6-string electric or bass guitar and with just a small amount of training, sounded like she had been playing for months. The goal of the Kiersten Woodward Memorial Fund is to help that little girl or little boy that was just like her, to continue that musical or artistic talent and turn it into something they love.

Lisa Johnson, Vice President
I first met the Woodward’s when my daughter and Kiersten were in first grade together.  Over the years they have become more like family than friends.  This organization holds a special place in my heart for two reasons.  First, it allows us to carry on the memory and legacy of Kiersten, second by supporting the arts (one of Kiersten’s loves) it provides funding for programs that are so vital to a child’s development but also where resources are cut regularly. 

Brenda Enderle, Vice President
I met and played with Kiersten and Lainie in my sister-in-law’s pool one summer, many moons ago, before I ever met their parents.  The entire family went camping with a big group of us one holiday, and we were instant friends, and soon, family.  This organization, as well as the family, is very near and dear to my heart.  Being involved to carry on the memory of Kiersten and being near the Woodward family means everything to me. Supporting the arts and to help provide funding for those to develop, is something Kiersten would be proud of.  I’m honored to be a part of that, and look forward to all the wonderful things this organization has in the future.

Emily Hogan
Founding Board Member, Media Chair
As a family member to the Woodward’s, I grew up with Kiersten and Lainie over the years. As we got older, we saw less of each other but Kiersten’s confidence, trueness to herself, and passion for the things she believed in always inspired me. The Kiersten Woodward Memorial Fund’s mission is to fund and encourage the artists of tomorrow, but to me it is so much more. Bringing people together to share who they are, share their light through kindness and art, just as Kiersten did and continues to do for the people who knew her.

Lori Smith
Founding Board Member, Secretary
I met the Woodward’s when Gracie transferred to Waverly Elementary in 6th grade. Gracie and Kiersten quickly became best friends.  Soon, Kiersten was family. The girls took vacations with the families, we had family dinner nights and she was one of our own. I am honored to be part of the Kiersten Woodward Memorial fund. Kiersten had such a passion for the arts, and I love that we are able to share her love and kindness though supporting and funding these programs in her memory. 

Jennifer Kasper
Founding Board Member, Yellow Vendor Chair
I’ve known the Woodward family for about six years.  My daughter, Elizabeth, met Kiersten at the start of Middle School, became great friends and never looked back.  Through their friendship I was so fortunate to meet Jill, Andy and Lainie who have since become an integral part of our family.  Creating this fund is so very important to me because it supports the very thing that supported Kiersten.  She relied on the arts to ease anxiety, to express herself and to display her many talents.  If we can help broaden the reach of the arts to more people, who would not otherwise have an outlet to express themselves, then I believe we are truly honoring Kiersten’s memory. 

Mike Wassouf
Founding Board Member, Accountant

I first met Jill in English class our freshmen year of High School. Since then, I have had the good fortune to become friends with her and Andy and spend time with them at concerts, art festivals, and family events. Kiersten’s love for music and art was immediately apparent to anyone who met her. Music and art is one of our greatest, yet undervalued, assets as a society. The Kiersten Woodward Memorial Fund honors and celebrates Kiersten by providing assistance to young adults furthering their education in the arts and music she was so passionate about.

Cindy Wassouf
Founding Board Member
I have known Jill and her family for over 30 years and am blessed to have known Kiersten since 2013. Having performed in multiple music groups in school, I recognize the value of including the arts in school curricula and am proud to be part of an organization that honors Kiersten by helping students who wish to pursue the arts in their education.

Joleen Sawyer
Founding Board Member
I first met Jill professionally more than 10 years ago, and connected with her right away.  Over the years, our friendship has grown, and I have developed tremendous respect for her as a professional, parent and human being.  I have only known Kiersten to be a quiet yet kind hearted and unique young lady.  She would always text me kind wishes on my birthday and finish it with an “I love you.”  I am so proud to be a part of the KWMF board to help support the arts in honor of Kiersten.  I look forward to continuing  her legacy of uniqueness, kindness and finishing our encounters with a kind gesture or an “I love you.”

Andrea Tiley
Founding Board Member
Yellow Silent Auction Chair-I met the Woodward family at Waverly Elementary. Kiersten was on the MATH and Spell Bowl teams that I coached when she was in upper elementary school. Jill (Kiersten’s mom) and I worked on the Waverly PTO in a variety of roles. Lainie (Kiersten’s sister) is in the same grade as my son. I have been blessed to get to know the Woodward family through a variety of activities and experiences. Kiersten was one of those students that I will never forget. She was unique, intelligent, kind, and thoughtful. She stuck out to me for her ability to be true to herself. I genuinely loved everything about her. The Kiersten Woodward Memorial Fund is important to me because it honors and celebrates all the things that made Kiersten special.